Major Areas of Practice



Real Estate

         Real estate issues can be difficult, and often require a creative approach to resolve the problem.   Litigation is not always the best solution, especially between neighbors who have to live next door to each other after the lawsuit is over.   We are experienced in handling a wide variety of real estate law.  We help our clients buy, manage, and sell real estate.  We also help our clients with whatever ownership issues may appear, and explore non-traditional approaches as well as litigation to solving such disputes.  

Indian Law / Native American Law

         Anderson Hostnik PLLC handles all types of disputes in Tribal Courts throughout the Northwestern United States. These include business matters, leasing of trust property, employment disputes, injury and other claims which arise on Tribal property, probate and estate matters, and enforcement of Tribal rights.   We believe in, and take pride in advocating for, the unique rights of Tribes and Tribal Members.  


         Family matters can be tense, emotional, and difficult to resolve on your own. While we encourage our clients to try and find a sensible solution, sometimes conflict cannot be avoided. We will listen to you, explain your options, and can develop a plan to achieve your objectives. We provide an aggressive yet practical approach focus on securing fair results for our clients. We can assist all types of families with adoptions, prenuptials, divorce, and other family related matters.

Accident & Death Cases

         Auto and other accidents may cause devastating injuries.  It is easy to get overwhelmed by the added stress and disruption of daily life, including dealing with doctor's appointments, medical bills, physical therapy, emotional upset, car repairs, and impersonal insurance companies.  Unfortunately, some make decisions that negatively impact their recovery before speaking with an attorney to understand your legal rights and options.  We are happy to discuss your potential claim during an initial consultation that is free to you.  It is important to understand your legal rights, so that you can make an educated decision on the many issues that arise during an injury claim.  We welcome your inquiry.   

Member National Association of Personal Injury Lawyers


Estate Planning

        Estate planning is a loving act, and should be a priority for each of us.  It preserves your assets, and passes them to those you believe will cherish those assets most.  Careful financial and estate planning helps ensure your wishes are fulfilled.  Estate planning can be accomplished in a variety of ways:  Wills, Living Trusts, Community Property Agreements, and Titling of Assets are some methods that are commonly used.  Our attorneys will listen to your aspirations and help you decide what Estate Planning steps will fulfill your desires.  



         The death of a loved one is always a difficult time.   The legal affairs of the Estate must be resolved.   There are many legal issues and statutory procedures that are required to be followed to finalize an Estate's affairs correctly, and distribute the property of the Estate.   We are experienced in handling Estate Probate matters.  Our goal is to alleviate the stress experienced by our clients and their families.   We also explore ways to minimize or eliminate probate disputes at the outset, before they affect family relationships.  


Corporations & Business

         Entrepreneurs find starting a business is exciting, but running them is difficult.  We not only help our clients create or buy businesses, but we also support them as they build, run, and sell businesses.  We strive to work side-by-side with our clients from choosing a corporate structure to exit planning and sale.  Along the way we offer advice on issues critical to business survival, including: governance, employment, operations, financing, government compliance, transactions and compensation.          



         Contracts are a necessary part of our business and personal lives.   Although you may not desire an attorney to review each contract you agree to, the purpose of a contract is to avoid disputes.   If you are considering a major purchase, or enter into recurring transactions using a form contract, or considering a multi-year lease, or purchase or sale of property, it may be worthwhile to seek professional advice.   There are many shortcomings with fill-in-the-blank form contracts, which are not tailored to your situation and may not incorporate Washington law.   Professional review in advance of signing the contract may help you avoid spending thousands of dollars in a dispute later.  


Employment Law

         Sometimes unfortunate circumstances arise in the workplace.   Employment matters require an attorney to act as counselor, mediator, and sometimes as a litigator.   We advise businesses on policies and procedures, hiring and termination, employment agreements, discrimination issues, and state and federal regulatory compliance.  Our approach is to resolve problems quickly, helping management achieve their business goals rather than losing focus due to distracting and complicated disputes.